ZeroNet – So what are the issues?

Published on July 14th, 2016
by Dylanger Daly

Hey guys,

I’ve recently learnt about ZeroNet, a fully decentralised web, it uses the BitTorrent protocol with Bitcoin’s crypto.

Think of it like torrents but with a sexy web interface, when you visit a website, or ‘Zite’ you download the content locally, than you serve it back out to other requesting peers. So its self hosting, free, and uncensorable.

Cool, I wanna make a Zite

The process for creating websites within ZeroNet is actually pretty cool, it uses the same crypto as Bitcoin, so every website you create, usually has a domain name right? With ZeroNet you get a public key, quite like a bitcoin address, the Public Key is the address to the website and the private key is your ability to sign changes then publish to the ZeroNet network.

Issues? What Issues?

Accountability. Take an imageboard, or any service that needs a ledger of history, because of the way ZeroNet handles authentication anyone can make a change, resign the change and publish it back to the network, however this only works for content created by the user. So for example if I made a comment, I can edit/delete it, regardless if this is supported or not, its a flaw of the authentication system.

Sounds like a job for the Blockchain if you ask me!

The other issue is IDs, each user needs to create a ZeroID in order to authenticate with most websites, its horribly easy to trace a post or comment back to a ZeroID username, from my experience they’ve also limited the amount of IDs that can be created per IP on a time basis, this rules out any automation for say.. Generating new IDs per post/comment.

UI/UX is the best I’ve ever seen.

By far, have a look at this:

Screenshot from 2016-07-14 12-38-34

Pretty smooth right?


I think ZeroNet has a long way to go, however I think its on the right track, I’d say the future of the internet will be hosted entirely by the people, and its something I can’t wait to be apart of!

Dylanger Daly

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